Summer in Italy



Truthfully, any time you take a trip to Italy will probably be great. There are plenty of things to to and places to go in any kind of season. You’ll have a great time, we guarantee it. However, there are some seasons that are better than others. One of those seasons is summer. This time of year is particularly nice for this charming country. There are so many activities that you can do under the warm Italian sun. Keep reading this post to find out more!

What to do

Mediterranean dreams

One of the best things that you can do during the hot summer months is to head down to the Italian riviera and enjoy the glories of the Mediterranean Sea. During the summer months, the climate is hot and dry. You’ll want to jump into the sea to cool off. There are plenty of places that you can go do this, but one of the best places is in Tuscany. This area has particularly nice beaches on which you can frolic and relax.

Southern Italy

If you really want to feel the summer heat, the best place to go is in the south of Italy. This region has some real scorchers during the summer. You’ll be able to walk around and get a great tan while enjoying some great food. A region to visit in particular is the famous area of Sicily. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy a great Sicilian pizza while soaking up all the sun rays that you could possibly ever want.

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