Shroud of Turin

Copy of typical catholic image of Jesus Christ


Ancient relics and superstition have gone hand in hand throughout the ages. For example, in the Middle Ages, clergymen used to tout certain skulls and bones that they would find as the remains of certain distinguished people from biblical times. For example, they would say that a skull was actually the skull of John the Baptist. Then, they would charge people money to see it, saying that if they would behold the skull, they would receive a blessing. As a result, many people would spend their hard earned money to see these kinds of relics.

We of course know now that the authenticity of these relics is rather suspicious. However, did you know that the same things might be happening today? In the city of Turin, there is a piece of cloth on display called the Shroud of Turin. This piece of fabric is said to be the cloth that was laid over Jesus’ face when he was buried. Because of this, people claim that you can actually see the outline of Jesus’ face on the cloth.

You can find this piece of sacred fabric on display in Turin. Many people will pay to see it. Do you think they are being duped?

Reasonable doubt

There is reason for incredulity. For example, there are people who claim divine intervention because they can see the outline of the Virgin Mary’s face in a french fry. Still others are convinced that they have the outline of Abe Lincoln in their grilled cheese sandwiches and that they have seen a miracle.

What do you think?

Divine influence or mere happenstance? You decide for yourself.

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