Visiting Italy would be incomplete without eating the marvelous food of this country. Of course, there are the sights, sounds and smells to experience as well. You’ll be able to see amazing historic monuments as well as take in the breathtaking beauty of both the Mediterranean coast and the rolling countryside of inland areas such as interior Tuscany.

Notwithstanding the visual charm, we return to the food, because it certainly deserves our attention in the conversation. There are plenty of places where we could begin in discussing Italian food. However, we will begin with what perhaps Italy is most famous for: pasta! Read on for the full scoop.

Types of pasta


This is a very popular type of pasta. It is a long stringy kind of noodle that is often eaten with sauce. This is a typically tomato based sauce. We’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but did you know that meatballs are typically served separately from spaghetti? The combination of the two is just an American invention. If you are looking for a vegetarian option that involves a meat like texture, try using eggplant instead of meat. You’ll get a great texture and a great taste!


This kind of pasta also features a long, stringy noodle. However, while spaghetti is cylindrical, fettuccine is a flat noodle. There are many ways to eat this kind of pasta, but one of the most popular ways is with alfredo. Alredo is a cream based sauce that is typically white and very heavy. Sometimes, there is also cheese involved.

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