Exploring the Mediterranean



We’ve been discussing Italy quite a bit in our posts as of late, but since we are in the region of Southern Europe, we figured we would take this time to talk about some of the other great places that you can visit in this area. This part of Europe, which some people refer to as the Mediterranean (because of the sea), is known for sun, water, and good times. Since most of this region borders the Mediterranean Sea, there are plenty of things to do with the water in all seasons. You’ll also find that the climate is hot, providing for lots of opportunities to wear shorts and a tee shirt. This part of Europe is a hot vacation destination for people all around the world. Below, we have listed some great port towns that are worth your while to visit if you are planning on making a trip to the Mediterranean.

Where to go


This Spanish city is bursting with life and color. In addition to a great climate and vibrant nightlife, Barcelona is home to many historically valuable monuments and a host of great architecture. A lot of buildings were designed by Gaudi, who was a famous artist. Make sure you visit the cathedral! You’ll be amazed


If you are looking to spend some great time on the beach, this French Riviera town is the place for you. A lot of people come here on high profile vacations and end up having an awesome time. Don’t miss out!

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